Custom Manufacturing

GBM Australia opens the door for Australian companies to access the world's factories and manufacturing expertise. GBM can assist Australian factories meet increased volume requirements, or provide complete manufacturing solutions for products and components cost affectively.

The team at GBM have over 20 years' experience in manufacturing and importing, with extensive infrastructure, knowledge and resources in place to undertake this process efficiently.

With offices and representatives located across the globe and a strong focus on the Chinese manufacturing industry, GBM can provide Australian companies the best possible outcome in the search for that perfect product.

Working with the GBM team provides its client with the added security of dealing with an Australian company, taking the risk out of the complex importing process while having the guarantee that you will receive the highest quality product direct to your door.

Our service



























Product consultant – You will have one point of call with our Australian office.

Factory search - GBM will search the Globe to gather a list of potential factories.

Factory inspections – A full inspection will be carried out by GBM of the manufacturing facility, confirming the standard of operation and that and ISO-9000 Quality Assurance compliance certification is in place.

Preliminary product inspections – GBM will be carried out finished product and raw material inspections on all items for quality.

Australian Standards Compliance – GBM will confirm all products are manufactured to Australian standards, and carry the relevant certification to that affect. In some cases products will carry international standards that are recognised and accepted in Australia.

Pricing – GBM will present you the real price of the product in Australian dollars, direct to your door. GBM removes the importing uncertainties for you, in the form of logistics, tariffs, taxes, and customs charges.

Samples – When suitable factories and products have been short listed, GBM will organise for samples to be sent to Australia for final inspection.

Contracts – Your sales contract will be with GBM Australia and covered under Australian law. GBM will handle the specific legal and contractual requirements in the country of purchase removing the risk.

Quality Assurance – A GBM representative will be undertaking inspections of the factory during the manufacturing process. GBM will also conduct a final inspection of the products and supervise the packing and loading of the container.

Customs requirements – GBM will have the container fumigated and certified ready for Australian customs, avoiding lengthy delays on arrival at Australian docks.

Product guarantees – GBM sourced products all carry industry standard guarantees covered under the Australian fair trading process.